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Come As You Are

I was at the Palm Springs Photo Connect 09 last March and spent some time looking through some really beautiful print on demand books at the Blurb suite at the Korakia Inn. I spoke briefly with some of the staff  who pointed out their favorite books.  Blurb’s Eileen Gittins did an impromptu review of a photographers portfolio, zeroing in very quickly on the best images. As I listened, something inside of me clicked. I approached Eileen and admired what she had done for photographers like myself. 

“The books are beautiful,” I said.

“Make a book!” She replied.

Driving home from the inspiring and amazingly fun photography event , I had a headful of ideas about creating a book.  That was the beginning of the adventure of putting together my own photo book: Come As You Are. As I learned, photo editing is not for the faint of heart. Some of the photos I had planned to include in my book didn’t make it. This is one that got away.



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