So Much Screen Time!

I am excited that my photo book  “Come As You Are ” is close to a re upload on with revisions, corrections and acknowledgements and will be ready  for purchase soon. Making a POD book did require spending a tremendous amount of time in a  one on one relationship with a machine. I guess it’s better than stumbling out of a darkroom smelling like fix,  but  it did mess with me…! Now may be a  good time to do a little reading .  “The Machine Stops” a short sci fi story written in 1909 by E.M. Forster  is so light and cheerful. I think I’ll start there. Then I may take a walk. I am fully  aware no one cares what I eat for lunch.tv_od_border



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2 responses to “So Much Screen Time!

  1. Hi,

    this blog is awesome!!! if i didn’t have tattoos covering my body already, i definitely would have your photos as tattoos on my body.

    what drew me to your site was of course your fantastic pictures, but also the fact that you have a man with a TV on your site…simply superb.

    keep up the excellent work,


  2. hi,

    love the site keep up the excellent work!!


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